We could see various types of scaffoldings in different applications. Now we are trying to discuss scaffolding in relation with educational field. Arenas in educations suggest various supporting mechanisms which encourages the children to move positively in their learning process. These scaffoldings make the children to become more independent learners. The teacher and the institution give positive support to the students to achieve the higher levels by giving adequate support at the right time. We could give physical of mental scaffoldings to our children to become good learners to achieve their goals. Supportive platforms are an integral part of a positive learning process. Students with some difficulty in learning need support from teachers and parents to overcome their challenges, this help could be considered as scaffolding. If we give large print materials to a partial blind student it will decently encourage the child to improve in reading.  This can be considered as physical scaffolding to that child. We see that by giving scaffoldings we are trying to reduce the challenges facing by the particular child. Individualized planning of special children are an example for comprehensive scaffolding.

Proper daises will help students to have strong emotional balance and self respect. This will help them to become fruitful social being in their life. Students have to learn to express their emotions in a socially acceptable way, healthy mind and body is an important factor for making a child emotionally strong. As an educational measure scaffoldings represent variety of teaching techniques through which the child get an adaptive atmosphere suits to his or her abilities. We can understand scaffolding by examining the following factors; 

  • Teachers provide lessons in an adapted way to suit the child’s capacity; they give illustrated stories, reading passages for making interest in reading. The simple to complex pattern is adapted here. Students will learn to read the complex and serious lessons with much easy after regular practice. This can be scaffolding for improving the reading skill of the child. Complex calculations in mathematics could make easy by giving mathematical puzzles or games, otherwise we could break up the long questions into small parts to make them understand.  
  • Abstract ideas or concepts can be explained by giving simple examples from the nature. We could adapt different strategies to make the children understand the complex theories in science or mathematics. Usage of multimedia presentation is considered as a helpful platform for illustrate difficult problems and experiments.  
  • Writing seminar reports and project reports often find as a difficult task for the children, teachers could give model books of reports for reference to overcome this difficulty. This will give an idea to the students about the goals to be fixed before writing a report. Scaffoldings of this kind will help the students to improve the skill in writing reports. Models will give an ideal example before the children and they could follow the pattern to become more efficient.  
  • Students can be given word lessons in play way method before they are engaged in serious reading. Improvement in vocabulary makes them as good readers and writers. Various other linguistic scaffolding also could be given for making the students more competent in linguistic skills. 

Scaffoldings in education can be both physical and emotional, any how these supports aims to better learning by the students. Teachers are liable to provide adequate scaffoldings to their children to achieve the expected goals of education.